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About Us

ShanDong LaiWu Lihe Eco&Trade Co.,Ltd.

Aimed by high quality and service, Lihe Textile is a company dealing with export of towel products for many years, which is focus on the innovation production of merchandise. Minded by trust and credibility, we are expecting to build business relationship with friends and customers from all over the world.


Main Products

Laiwu Lihe Textile., Ltd is a comprehensive company integrating design, develop, production and sales work professional textile products company with 15 years industry experience.
Our company is an manufacturer of all kinds of towels with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in hometextile field and other industries.
Our main products are beach towel, poncho towel, golf towel, bath towel, hand towel, sport towel, hotel towel, face towel,  hair towel, promotional gift towel, bathrobe, blanket etc various textile. We cover all cotton, bamboo and microfiber series.Using embroidery, printing, jacquard and different technology to meet different designs and requirements.

Beauty and Innovation

The pursuit of beauty and innovation is the hot current that rushes through the bloodstream of  Lihe Textiles. In the long dream time, Lihe towel textile gradually formed its own unique brand mark in the home textile industry, the earth is turning, the clock is turning, but beauty is the power to cross time and space, race, culture, a kind of burning power, just like the sun, just like Lihe .


Quality and Control

In daily life, towels are a commonplace product. But do you know what kind of towel is a good towel?

In addition to absorbency, color fastness, shedding rate and other indicators should be used to measure the merits of a towel. Lihe Towel is confident about the quality of our products. In order to make a good product, it is essential to select the best raw materials and strictly control the whole production process.

From the initial selection of cotton, Lihe Towel uses cotton with high maturity and environmentally friendly cultivation process; the auxiliaries and dyes used in the towel production workshop are chosen from the world's major brands; the whole production process actively responds to the call of "double carbon" and practices low-carbon environmental protection.

Traveling thousands of miles, never forget the original intention. The original liquid coloring products use the color of the raw material itself, reducing the dyeing process in the towel production process, saving water, electricity and steam, with good economic and social benefits.

After the introduction of colored polyester and colored bamboo pulp viscose fibers, we blend them with cotton fibers in a certain ratio to spin yarns, which are then applied to our designed products. In the traditional dyeing and finishing process, there is no need to add any dyestuff. This reduces our impact on the environment and ensures the color fastness of the product. This is the meaning and value of original liquid coloring.

At present, the towels produced by our company have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and we have established strategic partnerships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and famous brand companies, and we can produce about 1.1 billion towels every year.