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Aimed by high quality and service , Lihe Textile is a company dealing with export of towel products for many years , which is focus on the innovation production of merchandise .

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    • 18/2022/Jul

    Let’s take a look at the Turkish beach towels !

    Do you like the Turtish Beach Towels?  100% Cotton Turtish Beach Towel + Tassles Jacquard Woven Can be custom if you can provide the design 

    • 05/2022/Jul

    Do you know the origin of beach towels?

                     Do you know the origin of beach towels? The traffic is so developed that it doesn’t take a day from the northeast to Hainan. In this case, more people, especially inland people, are willing to go to the beach during the holidays. The beach is always a sea of joy for peo...

    • 30/2022/Jun

    How the popular recycled material towels made ?

    An estimated 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year, the equivalent of dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute.  Plastic accounts for 60-90% of the rubbish that accumulates on coastlines, ocean surfaces and the seabed.   With the increasing awareness ...